Sen. Blake Announces $ 292k State Grant to help NEPA Entrepreneurs

SCRANTON, Jan. 13, 2015 – Continuing his work to grow Northeast Pennsylvania’s technology-based economy, Sen. John Blake today announced the award of a $292,500 state grant to help the Scranton-based consortium, TecBridge, further develop the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The investment is from Pennsylvania’s Discovered in PA, Developed in PA – or D2PA grant program.

“Entrepreneurs have great ideas but they don’t always have the resources to bring that inspiration to life,” Sen. Blake said. “Investing today in TecBridge means more entrepreneurs in Northeast Pennsylvania will have the means to develop their ideas and transfer them into the marketplace and our local schools will have new opportunities for the transfer of knowledge into the workplace.”

“TecBridge will use its D2PA award to promote our nascent technology companies; open new opportunities for the bright minds now learning in our region’s colleges; support incubator openings for even more tech startups so they can gain a solid footing in our regional economy; and allow company CEOs to network with one another to find new synergies, innovations or partnerships for job growth, sales growth and revenue growth.” Blake said.

Specifically, the new grant will allow TecBridge to offer workshops, seminars, internships and start-up support to entrepreneurs, Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ) companies, private industry, as well as secondary and post-secondary school students.

Since he was first elected in 2010, Sen. Blake has focused his attention on improving NEPA’s technology-based economy. In addition to Innovate in PA, which is creating a multi-million dollar capital investment program for new and promising early stage businesses statewide, he has vigorously supported NEPA’s Regional Bioscience Initiative and three annual forums on the importance of career-focused education to ensure that more students make an efficient and productive 21st century transition from the classroom to the world of work.

TecBridge was formed in 2012 by the Great Valley Technology Alliance and the Northeast Pennsylvania Technology Institute. The “Tec” in TecBridge is an acronym for “technology, entrepreneurship, and collaboration.”

Discovered in PA, Developed in PA looks for opportunities to seed innovative ideas that, like TecBridge, promote entrepreneurship, technology transfer, business outreach, and increased capacity.