Blake Stresses Urgent Need for adultBasic Extension, Expansion

Sen. Blake at adultBasic news conference

HARRISBURG, January 25, 2011 – – State Sen. John P. Blake today echoed the call of legislative leaders to extend the state’s adultBasic health care program so more than 40,000 working Pennsylvanians do not lose their affordable health coverage.

“It is imperative that we find a workable, short-term solution so these Pennsylvanians do not lose this program and incur more financial burden to keep their families on a decent health care plan,” Blake said. “Governor Corbett and the new administration should not act unilaterally to disband this valuable program and cause lower-income citizens to pay significantly more for a health insurance plan that offers less benefit.”

The adultBasic program currently provides benefits to more than 40,000 low-income, working Pennsylvanians. These individuals will lose their insurance and access to quality health care at the end of February if new funding is not found.

Blake said that nearly 2,300 residents of his district would lose their health insurance coverage if the adultBasic program is not extended.

The Corbett administration has offered the families who will lose this coverage a health care plan that would cost $283 per month, significantly more than the current $36 per month they pay for adultBasic coverage.

“For those who cannot afford the switch proposed by the administration, and for the nearly half million people on the adultBasic waiting list, they can find themselves without health insurance and this will only cost taxpayers more in the long run,” Blake added. “The new administration should accept the Democratic Leader’s request for dialogue on this matter to try to not only find a short term solution, but also a way to expand the program and keep it running until these people can transition to the federal health care plan in 2014.”

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