HARRISBURG, January 28, 2011 – – State Sen. John P. Blake today discussed the need for state government reforms in addition to those recently outlined by Governor Tom Corbett.

“The reform agenda proposed by Governor Corbett is a good starting point for the reform conversation but to make our state government truly lean, accountable and responsible we need to go even further,” Blake said. “Reforming campaign reporting, eliminating gerrymandering from the legislative redistricting process and requiring receipts for legislative reimbursement are long-overdue reforms that our constituents expect and deserve.”

Blake said that while the Corbett plan touches on reforming the way legislative per diems are distributed, without requiring receipts the process is still not transparent. Blake acknowledged that there are administrative expenses that would be incurred in moving to this level of transparency, but they would be worth it in restoring the public trust.

Blake also discussed the importance of the legislature revisiting campaign finance reform. Other than limiting individual contributions and capping total contributions, Blake stressed the importance of improving the timeliness of campaign filing and reporting requirements.

“The people that elect us to represent their interests have the right to know where campaign dollars are coming from and when. The current reporting system is not satisfactory,” Blake added. “I commend Governor Corbett for his reform agenda and I look forward to dialogue with the administration and my colleagues in the Senate as we continue to advance important work for open government.”

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